Shocktober’s Paxton Manor will reopen its doors on OCTOBER 2, 2015!

Tickets for the 2015 Shocktober Season will go on sale NOW! 

Click here for the schedule!

Shocktober is home to Paxton Manor and it’s basement – The Haunted Well of Souls!  

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night through the month of October, Paxton Manor opens its doors to those who are brave enough to walk her haunted halls and descend into the caverns of her basement.

The History of The Carvers

Over one hundred years ago Jedidiah Carver was found guilty of unorthodox acts of animal husbandry.  For these crimes, his lands were seized and he and his family were cast out of the Town of Leesburg.

Homeless, he moved his family to the caverns that lie beneath Paxton Manor. Here they dwelled for many years.  Things went well for The Carver family and they thrived and multiplied. Though as time went on things began to go wrong…