Enter the Haunted Paxton Manor in Leesburg,
If You Dare…

Shocktober is closed for the 2013 season.

See you in October of 2014!

When the sun goes down this October, prepare to be terrified at Leesburg’s only real haunted house!

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night throughout the month of October, the Paxton Manor opens its doors to those who are brave enough to walk her halls and descend into the basement. There are three nightly haunts for you to explore and one scary extremely scary experience at our one location:

  • Paxton Manor
    Over the years many strange and horrific events have taken place in the rooms of the Paxton Manor and beneath it’s foundation among the large array of caverns, and frigid underground lake. So much more than a haunted house, the Paxton Manor has real history full of horror and paranormal activity.
  • Well of Souls
    Lurking beneath the Paxton Manor lies an enormous underground lake, the depth of its waters and height of its walls remain a mystery. One single well, located in the deepest corner of the manor’s basement, is the only entrance to the lake’s frigid waters. It is unknown how many have ventured into the depths of the lake and who or what they found – or if they ever made it out.
  • Fun House
    There’s nothing fun about the Shocktober Fun House, be prepared to scream and run for your life. You’ll come face-to-face with your worst fears and phobias, from claustrophobia and nyctophobia, to coulrophobia and arachnophobia, and much more.
  • The Last Ride
    A personal, solo, and extremely scary experience involving all the senses … in The Last Ride you’ll descend to the grave in a wooden casket – it’s pitch black, your lying on your back, you hear the sound of your friends sobbing, feel your coffin lowering into the ground, and smell the roses, dirt, and decay!

Take a Tour of the Paxton Manor and Haunted Well of Souls for Yourself.

Will you brave the haunted mansion – Paxton Manor?

Will you dare to walk her halls, pass through rooms of the dead?

Will you descend into the basement to see the Haunted Well of Souls for yourself?

Enter her doors … this is “where your nightmares begin!”