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SOLD OUT for Friday, November 17, 2017

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  • Friday, February 23rd, 8pm
  • Friday, April 13th, 8pm
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Are you brave enough to spend the entire night in Paxton Manor?   We dare you to try …. 4 times a year Shocktober will host an all night Paranormal Investigation by expert ghost hunters: MAPI (Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Investigators).


From 8pm to 6am (the next morning)

$100/person    *15% Discounts available for groups of 4 or more

Adults 18+ or Young Adults (16+) with a guardian present

The Investigation will be led by a team from Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Investigators.

$100/person, which includes: An introduction to ghost hunting, some techniques and equipment, all-night access to Paxton Manor, and access to a team of professional ghost hunters from MAPI (Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Investigations).

Ghost Hunters must bring their own flashlights, food and drink. If ghost hunters have their own equipment, they are strongly encouraged to bring them along.

Ghost Hunters can leave at any time, but no refunds will be given.

With any questions, please contact Rachel Roseberry:


Here are some images from past paranormal investigations.

Ghost Hunters Group 1 searching for Ghosts

Ghost Box

Ghost Box searching for spirits inside of Paxton Manor

Friday the 13th Ghost Hunt at Paxton Manor

Paranormal Investigators from March 2015

The Investigation will be led by a team from Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Investigators.  Get to know Paxton Manor room by room, while you hunt for ghosts. This is a very different experience than our Shocktober event, filled with actors and screams at every turn. This is an all-night event, where you and only two dozen others are exploring the house with paranormal investigation equipment to find EVPs, Sightings and other evidence of ghosts inside of Paxton Manor.  The mansion has 140 years of history ready for exploring!

A bit of Ghost Hunting 101 as quoted from MAPI:

A Ghost Hunter is someone who investigates hauntings to find an explanation for possible Paranormal phenomena involved.  Hauntings are the repeated manifestation of strange and inexplicable sensory phenomena at a certain location. Many hauntings involve noises such as phantom footsteps; strange, unexplained sounds; tapping; knocking; and even voices and whispers. They can include strange smells, sensations like cold spots, pricking of skin, breezes, and even being touched by unseen hands.

There are Two Basic Types of Ghost Hunters

1.Scientific Ghost Hunter– uses scientific methods and equipment in order to make accurate calculations and observations about a Haunting
2.Psychic or Intuitive Ghost Hunter-uses psychic impressions or intuition to learn about a haunted area

Stay in SHOCK

We Scare Because We Care

All proceeds from Shocktober events go to The Arc of Loudoun at Paxton Campus, a nonprofit that helps children and adults with disabilities. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO